Long overdue update

December 8th, 2008 by reneeholiday

It has been a crazy year, and an even crazier few months!!! We had an extended house guest (2 months+), helped him move into his new apartment, had 3 months of crazy teething, homeschool challenges, and financial challenges. All the while, we have plugged on to build the Twilli Pie Design studio and get the word about babywearing out to our network.

Through the challenges, it has become apparent that we will be better off making these growth movements in a less costly location, with the help of longtime friends and family. Therefore, we have decided to sell our condo here in South Florida and relocate to Tennessee. We will be doing phase 1 of this move just before Christmas. So the rest of this month will continue to be quiet on our website

However, we have completed the testing process and are ready to launch the OFFICIAL TWILLI PIE PODEGI!

We do have a few of the tester/prototype podegis in stock. We will offer them at an attractive CLEARANCE price for the Holidays.

[Note: One of the late model testers, TPP 7 (2.0 remix) SALSA VERDE, is up for sale by a sweet mama on TBW – TheBabyWearer.com – here’s the link – you have to be a registered TBW user to see it though ;-)] Update 12/11: IT HAS BEEN SOLD.

Be on the lookout for the official TWILLI PIE PODEAGI launch in January 2009!


Clearance price: ONLY $70 +s&h (Regular price: $105) – You SAVE $35**

I realize there has been a bit of confusion about the original skinny (aka “bikini”) testers. There were only a few of these, and if they are ever mentioned, they will be noted as such.

Here are some the dimensions of the standard TWILLI PIE podegi.

The blanket is flared – 17″w at the top/narrowest, 18.5″w in middle (roughly where legs are), and 24.5″w at the bottom.

The blanket length is 30″ from top of strap/headrest to bottom.

The straps are each 78-80″ long from EDGE of blanket, although i usually measure the whole way across on straight-strapped pods so that is 174-180″.

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TP Podegi 19 – May Flowers (sold)

September 30th, 2008 by reneeholiday
After what seems like forever (teething, feverish Twilli, sick houseguest, etc.) we are proud to introduce the latest of the Twilli Pie Podegi – tester 2.0 carriers.

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TP Podegi 17 – Pepper-n-Spice

September 25th, 2008 by reneeholiday

This one turned out lovely! I just wish the photos were as lovely as the pod. 😉 This vintage fabric had some beautiful beading and sequined detailing. The fabric is stretchy. So it was affixed to a piece of canvas with decorative embroidery stitching that accents the bright orange.

PEPPER-N-SPICE is one of the 7 Twilli Pie Podegi 2.0 testers. It is the first pod to feature the new Twilli Pie tags! We got the tags from a lovely wahm on Etsy – Jennifers Jewels. If you need tags, check out her store

Please LEAVE A COMMENT and let us know what you think.

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More design/fabric choices

September 11th, 2008 by reneeholiday

We realized that we haven’t offered a huge variety of son/husband oriented designs. So we have added some new fabrics for you to choose from. We even have one CAMO! (Anyone who knows me personally, realizes what a stretch that is for me.) ;-P

I admit, there was one girly print I couldn’t say “no” to.) But we promise to offer more a more equitable distribution of girl/boy designs from now on. 🙂

Besides, we have to find some way to get the DADDIES into BABYWEARING!

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Designs for Twilli Pie Podegi 2.0 Testers

September 3rd, 2008 by reneeholiday

We have listened to what our testers had to say and are pleased to present our new and improved blanket pattern/size. We have changed the contour, to increase the width, so as your baby/toddler grows, it does not become too narrow at the legs. We want your podegi to grow with your little one!

We have been collecting some beautiful vintage fabrics and are excited to finally breathe new life into these lovely prints. Here are the color/print sets that are on deck. (In most cases, the strap color will be a single color to the right.)

We will be posting the Twilli Pie Podegi 2.0 tester spots on TBW – TheBabyWearer.com. Here is the link to the listing http://www.thebabywearer.com/forum/showthread.php?t=280756 (Note: you must be registered and signed into TBW forums in order to see the posts.)
If you are interested in becoming a tester, please contact us (by leaving a comment) ASAP! There are a limited number of slots. And this may very well be the last round of testing!

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Summer Slushie – REMIXED

September 2nd, 2008 by reneeholiday
A local TBW mama bought the SUMMER SLUSHIE tester Twilli Pie Podegi. The original one turned out to be too narrow for her long-legged son. So we went ahead and “remixed” it to give it the new TP 2.0 blanket body size. Take a look. 🙂

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Salsa Verde – REMIXED

September 2nd, 2008 by reneeholiday

We also had a tester from TBW whose son just wasn’t feeling the love of the original narrow body. (We are now affectionately referring to the super narrow blankets as the “bikini pods”. 🙂 My hubby likes to call them the “thong pods”. (lol… Love, get your mind outta the gutter!)

We will add action shots as soon as we get them from the sweet TBW mama. She mentioned that she was able to comfortably carry her 3 year old AND her 5 year old in the remixed podegi!

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Twilli Pie Podegi Action Shots

August 21st, 2008 by reneeholiday

We’ve been getting some great feedback from our testers of the Twilli Pie Podegi!! So I decided to post some action shots for you guys to see!

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1st Twilli Pie Podegi to go International!

August 12th, 2008 by reneeholiday

That’s right! One of our testers lives in Ireland. So Twilli Pie will be making an international debut. Here is a sneak peek…

Twilli Pie Podegi 15 – Dr. Pepper

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Spring Picnic – photos

August 10th, 2008 by reneeholiday
Here’s a look at TP Podegi 11 – SPRING PICNIC.
SPRING PICNIC features a cheery and colorful flower print*, with spring green and denim accents, denim straps, and a cream cord* reverse side with flower print accent. *indicates reclaimed fabric
**SPECIAL THANKS to Julia for the wonderful action shots!**

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About Twilli Pie Design

TWILLI PIE DESIGN prides itself in creating what we refer to as "wearable art" in each of the OOAK (one of a kind) podegi baby carriers.

We use mostly vintage/reclaimed fabrics in the blanket (body) of the pods. The straps are made of all new materials, and always made of sturdy, bottom-weight fabrics.

Our line of narrow blanket PODEAGI baby carriers features a flared blanket, to accommodate your child's growing legs and your comfort. The straps are double padded where it counts, single padded another couple of feet, and unpadded where the tying happens. (This makes for easier trying/untying as well as a more secure knot.)

We welcome any questions and are also willing to work with you for a semi-custom design. So if you have an old piece of clothing that you haven't been able to part with, but are no longer wearing, touch base. We can probably breathe new life into it! :-)