Twilli Pie Testing is underway

July 24th, 2008 by reneeholiday

We have had a tremendous response of people wanting to be testers for the Twilli Pie podegi. I think people are really curious about Asian Baby Carriers, and podegis in particular. There aren’t a tremendous number of pods out there though. So I’m happy to be providing something “new” AND cool. 😉

We just dropped off our 1st local tester podegi to a sweet mama from one our local parenting Meetup groups yesterday. Here are some photos of SUMMER SLUSHIE at its new home.

And I just finished NUTMEG this morning and I am about to finish TROPICAL DELIGHT. I will post photos of those soon.

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  1. Sheena

    Love the fabric and the little pocket! Perfect for a sippy cup or cellphone! Are you launching a store soon?

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About Twilli Pie Design

TWILLI PIE DESIGN prides itself in creating what we refer to as "wearable art" in each of the OOAK (one of a kind) podegi baby carriers.

We use mostly vintage/reclaimed fabrics in the blanket (body) of the pods. The straps are made of all new materials, and always made of sturdy, bottom-weight fabrics.

Our line of narrow blanket PODEAGI baby carriers features a flared blanket, to accommodate your child's growing legs and your comfort. The straps are double padded where it counts, single padded another couple of feet, and unpadded where the tying happens. (This makes for easier trying/untying as well as a more secure knot.)

We welcome any questions and are also willing to work with you for a semi-custom design. So if you have an old piece of clothing that you haven't been able to part with, but are no longer wearing, touch base. We can probably breathe new life into it! :-)